StarshipTroopers_Arachnids Ver3.0

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StarshipTroopers_Arachnids Ver3.0


– Added 4 more new Bugs: Plasma Grenadier Bug, Scorpion Bug, FireFly Bug, Bombardier Bug
– Totally revamped the invasion incidents: changing/improving the existing 6, and expand it to 18 incidents.
— All Out Assault
— Giant Assault
— Fire Assault
— Hopper Air Infiltration
— FireFly Air Infiltration
— Air Raid
— Escorted Giant Assault
— Warrior Siege
— Plasma Support Assault
— Plasma Bombardment
— Scorpion Bug Threat
— Tanker Bug Threat
— Plasma Grenadier Assault
— Warrior Encirclement
— Warrior Raid
— Bombardier Entrapment
— Bombardier Bombardment
— Arachnid Infestation
– All incident’s frequency and delayed first attack (ranging from 2 season to 3 years)
– Changed Tanker Bug’s attack into a more realistic flamethrower
– Plasma Bug’s plasma burst can now fly over walls and mountains
– Plasma Bug’s plasma burst explosion radius reduced and made very inaccurate
– Added custom codes for Plasma Bug’s targeting without line of sight
– Added custom codes for Scorpion Bug attacking of structures
– Created custom codes for Bombardier’s IED ability
– Graphic size of Hopper and Warrior Bug is reduced
– Armor for Tanker Bug is revamped to make it very resilient to Firearms
– Added dessicated graphics for all bugs