Minions Version 3.1 Released!

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Sorry again for yet another early patch to a full release…. my bad….

Version 3.1 fixes the “errors” that appears in the error console (for those playing in the developmental mode), making the game more smooth.

In addition, because of the set limitation by the original game that no animals will do tasks/jobs more than once an hour – making the minions rather…. lazy or undependable – despite it was already a huge improvement in Ver3.0 to Ver2.0 – I had made it even better now in Version 3.1. I literally created a new counting function in the codes specially just for the minions – thus adjusting the limiter – and thus now, the Minions are much much better at sweeping and doing all the other chores they can do.

While I’m at it, I added “Flicking switches” into their abilities. So now minions can help your colony on and off switches, without needing your pawns to get out of their seat. As you know, Minions LOVE Buttons!


– added new chanceperhour function specially for minions
– added Flick ability to the Minions
– Minions can now work more frequently and efficiently

  • Just found this on the RimWorld Discord! I’m going to live test this on my Livestream Wednesday Night! Looks awesome! Thanks for doing this.

    • Thanks for playing it too!

      If I can share joy and happiness! I’m happy!