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Tame your minions, raise an army and defeat all your enemies!
…but are you willing to be their boss and evil overlord?

Did I mention that they can help you out with cleaning, mining, harvesting and more… ?

Felonius Gru, railing from the bitter divorce with Lucy Wilde, decided to leave Planet Earth for good.

There is nothing left for Gru on Earth. He quit his job with the Anti-Villain League, by setting of a nuclear bomb right in the middle of the AVL Headquarters; after all three of his adopted daughters were brutally murdered by a super arch-villain that was previously captured by Gru. Silas Ramsbottom, the director of the AVL, however released the super arch-villain, after his secret lover whispered enchanting words into ears, controlling the man that was thought to be uncorruptable. Dr. Nefario was also killed when he was trying to protect the girls from the super arch-villain’s vengeance against Gru.

Gru’s wife, unable to accept the truth of their daughters death, blamed Gru for his failure to protect them. An ugly public divorce then captured the world’s attention. Gru decided enough was enough, he built a spacecraft and left Earth with his Minions on the morning he was supposed to be in court for the divorce proceedings.

The spacecraft eventually came upon a habitable planet at the rim of the known universe – but disaster struck when the landing mechanism failed during landing. The spacecraft crash landed onto the new world – instantly killing Gru. The minions however survived the crash.

The grieving minions split into 2 distinct factions after disagreeing on the history of event. One group of minions believed that it was humanity that killed – went mad and wander across the planet to kill of any humanoid beings that they encounter. Some of hatred and anger was so deep, the PX-41 that was dormant in the blood vessels triggered, turning them purple. The other group believe that it was simply time to move on, and went on a new journey in search of a new master to serve and to call boss.


Minions are small, yellow creatures who have existed since the beginning of time, evolving from single-celled organisms into beings who exist only to serve history’s most despicable masters. They are extremely loyal and dependable servants to whoever wants to be their master.

They will appear as tribes wandering across the world looking for a new master. So to get the Minions, you can either start the game with them, or you can tame them when they do appear on the map when they travel across your land. Or if you want, you can also down them when they come manhunting, and then tame them afterwards. Or you can become Dr Nefarios, develop the PX serums and experiment it on your prisoners or pets – perhaps you may make your own Minions!

– grow up from baby to adult in a year
– breeds quickly
– virtually immortal
– literally immune to fire, toxic and psychic attacks
– require little to be fed
– can punch quickly albeit not powerful
– tame and trained like animals
– they are very out of place with their bright yellow. LOL
– authentic minion sound
– do not produce a lot of meat (thus wont become overpowered)
– Bright Yellow Leather!
– they help out in a number of chores in your colony (provided you train them)
– they are also extremely good at keeping the mood up in your colony
– they can also be equipped with weapons to fight your battles!
– They may not appear all the time; so if they appear, dun waste the opportunity – recruit them!
– PX-41 serum can be bought or developed to turn your friendly yellow minion into the battle-ready purple evil minion
– PX-49 serum can be bought or developed to return the evil purple minions back into yellow working minions

The idea is that, you can quickly raise a very loyal and dedicated army to fight for you – they will die for your cause as long as you are willing to be their boss and evil overlord.

Male Minions have 2 eyes, Females are 1 eyed. Baby and Toddlers wear a different outfit, and they becomes the short minion when they are child, the “medium” size minion when they are teenager, and the tall minion when they become an adult!

Minions can help to carry stuff as part of the caravan and they would change into their brown outfit (the outfit they were in their home in the artic, before they found the blue jeans overalls in the Minions movie)

The Minions will also assume an important role in keeping any “Great Villains” sane, with their constant nuzzling! Just like in the movies, they are cute, adorable and extremely caring. They spare no effort in keeping your colonist in good mood, regardless of how dire the situation is!

On top of the hauling ability,
– they can clean/sweep the floor, clear snow, flicking buttons (require Obedience),
– chopping trees, planting, harvesting, mining (require Haul),
– construction, repair and deconstruction related chores (require Release),
– healing, feeding injured humans and animals (require Rescue)

PX-41 & PX-49 SERUMS!

Do scientific experiements and discover the magical serums that can make weird things happen! Test it on your prisoners! Test it on your pets! Try it on your Minions! The possibilities are endless!


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DEVELOPER’S DISCORD: https://discord.gg/W2Vb27T
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ADVANCED ANIMALS FRAMEWORKS Required: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1336991209
A Dog Said… Animal Prosthetics: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=746425621
LBE’s A Dog Said Easy Patcher: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=944381237 or https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=33512

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://walkingproblem.com/
DEVELOPER’S DISCORD: https://discord.gg/W2Vb27T
FACEBOOK PAGE: http://fb.com/walkingproblem
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/KingProDios
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– Fixed Minions rather work than go to sleep bug
– Now Minions prioritize rescue and tending jobs ahead of other jobs.

– Fixed Minions Construction and Healing Bug (via Advanced Animal Frameworks 3.3)
– PX-41 is now a butcher product for Evil Minions
– Fixed working abilities according to their training
– Clean/sweep the floor, clear snow, flicking buttons (require Obedience)
– Chopping trees, planting, harvesting, mining (require Haul)
– Construction, repair and deconstruction related chores (require Release)
– Healing, feeding injured humans and animals (require Rescue)

– updated to Rimworld 1.0
– Ver6.0 is skipped because it was a WIP for B19 (I think….)
– Mod is relaunched on Steam as a new workshop item
– Minions are now fully powered by Advanced Animal Framework
– Introduced PX-41 and PX-49 serums which can turn Minions to Evil Minions and vice versa
– Minions can now sow plants – which also means Minions can fully take over all farming work without needing your colonists’ input
– Minions can now tend wounds of your injured pets or humans
– Evil Minions manhunting event is nerfed, to ensure that they are not game ending events.
– Minions can now be equipped with weapons!

– update to B18
– the ‘deliver resources to construction frames’ is disabled due to some deeper coding issues to resolve due to B18 changes

– added ability for Minions to use animal parts. Now Minions can use both human and animal parts in the bodypart replacement operations.

– added “A Dog Said” mod support via “LBE’s A Dog Said Easy Patcher” mod (For Information: Minions uses Human parts)
– added Deliver Resource to Construction Site/Frame ability to Minions (require Haul)
– added Deconstruct ability to Minions (require Haul)
– added Repair ability to Minions (require Rescue)
– improved efficiency in cleaning, mining, harvesting and chopping ability with ChJees’ codes.
– added missing Child Minions backpack textures
– Thank you to ChJees for sharing his codes with me!

– fixed a looping error bug caused by the code for RearmingTraps

– updated to A17
– removed Minions and Evil Minions from vanilla manhunting events
– created Minions’ own manhunting event
– created Evil Minions’ own manhunting event

– added new chanceperhour function specially for minions
– added Flick ability to the Minions
– Minions can now work more frequently and efficiently

– added texture for all gender and agegroup
– added caravan abilities with special texture
– redone the codes for planting cutting, harvesting, and mining
– added ability to rearm traps
– added nuzzling ability
– added new texture for evil minions (both genders)

– Reduced manhunting frequency for Minions and Evil Minions
– Reduce baseHealthScale for Evil Minion
– Increase CombatPower for Evil Minion (which means lesser of them during manhunting events)

– Purely event driven now. You will only encounter Minions during specific events and if you started the game with them.
– No longer clashes with Increased Forest Density mods (since Minions no longer appear as wild animals)
– Trained Minions will now help out in cleaning (req. obedience), mining (req. hauling), harvesting (req. hauling) and chopping tasks (req. hauling)
– Added Minions Passing Event
– Added Minions Manhunting Event
– Added Evil Minions Manhunting Event (good luck if they appear, they will give even the best defended colonies a run for their money)

– MeatAmount set to 20
– LeatherAmount set to 5
– Minions are now Psychic and Toxic insensitive
– ComfyTemperature level added (they literally will survive from -100 to +250 in temperature)
– Meat Label changed

  • Love this mod! One problem though. I have no idea how to turn an evil into a normal minion. I have a serum. How do I use it? Thanks! 😉

    • Look under the Medical Operation Tab – you will find an option to apply the PX-49 on the evil minion~ =}