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Have you always wanted to play as Caesar, leading your colony of Apes to a better life?

Now you can!

Walking Problem is proud to present, the Planet of the Apes mod: RimWorld of the Apes!

You can play either as Apes or meet Apes factions in the game. There are 2 distinct factions of Apes, the enlightened apes who do not want war, and the rogue apes that believes that the only way to get peace to wipe out other races.

– 4 different types of Apes: Chimpanzee, Bonobo, Orangutan, Gorilla
– Chimps and Bonobos are generally the mainstay of the apes, that are flexible and balanced in most ways
– Orangutans are incredibly intelligent, perhaps even more so than Humans
– Gorillas are the guardians of the apes factions, being the most resilient and most powerful among the apes
– Child and Juvenile textures included
– Apes are generally faster and stronger than humans
– Apes however cannot wear human apparels (which is what human uses to level the playing field)
– Apes can wear vanilla hats and ape’s own tribal apparels (except gorillas)
– Apes likes to be naked, do not mind eating insects, sleeping on the ground, eating raw food or eating without table.
– Apes can use human weapons
– Added 2 scenarios where players can start as a “Caesar-like” character, or as a new tribe of Chimps
– Appropriate backstories for Apes that correspond to their individual strength and weaknesses

FORUM LINK: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=36793.0
NON-STEAM DOWNLOAD: http://walkingproblem.com/sdm_downloads/rimworld-of-the-apes-3-0/
STEAM DOWNLOAD: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1198933031

Powered By: Humanoid Alien Framework 2.0 by Erdelf
Get Humanoid Alien Framework 2.0 here: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=839005762

NON-STEAM DOWNLOAD: http://walkingproblem.com/sdm_downloads/rimworld-of-the-apes-mod-3-0-pregnancy-addon/
STEAM DOWNLOAD: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1277918724

Powered By: Humanoid Alien Framework Pregnancy AddOn by Walking Problem (me!)
Get Humanoid Alien Framework’s Pregnancy AddOn 1.0 here: http://walkingproblem.com/2018/01/23/b18-humanoid-alien-framework-pregnancy-addon-1-0/


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– Added more body types for Gorillas and Orangutans
– Added dynamic fur/skin color for Chimps and Gorillas
– Edited weapon Javelin’s stats
– Allowed Apes to wear vanilla headwears
– Added tribal apparels for Chimps, Bonobo and Orangutans (can be crafted like normal apparels)
– Now with proper resizing support thanks to Erdelf’s updates in the Alien Framework
– Expanded all Apes’ lifestages from 3 to 5, mirroring humans
– Created unique lifestage “juvenile” inplace of “teenager”
– Reduced the number of heavy weapons and advanced weapons Apes in raids
– Added scars as hairstyles as additional facial features
– Created Pregnancy AddOn via the creation of the Alien Framework Pregnancy AddOn

– Adjusted Apes comfy temperature range to -2 to 35

– A quickfix/update exclusively for Steam users only (silent update)
– Comfy Temperature fix, now Apes do not have ridiculous temperature tolerance
– Added reactions to eating fellow Apes, humans and human-like food (a little buggy, due to the framework bug)
– Nerfed the Ape Javelin, reducing its damage
– Fixed looping error/bug that appears when Ape caravan enters the map

– Update to B18
– Apes Javelin is made more powerful
– Fixed Male/Female body texture issue thanks to fix by Erdelf’s Humanoid Alien Framework Update
– Fixed hostile Enlightened Ape faction issue
– Changed ape caravan goods.