RimWorld of the Apes 3.0

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RimWorld of the Apes 3.0

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– Added more body types for Gorillas and Orangutans
– Added dynamic fur/skin color for Chimps and Gorillas
– Edited weapon Javelin’s stats
– Allowed Apes to wear vanilla headwears
– Added tribal apparels for Chimps, Bonobo and Orangutans (can be crafted like normal apparels)
– Now with proper resizing support thanks to Erdelf’s updates in the Alien Framework
– Expanded all Apes’ lifestages from 3 to 5, mirroring humans
– Created unique lifestage “juvenile” inplace of “teenager”
– Reduced the number of heavy weapons and advanced weapons Apes in raids
– Added scars as hairstyles as additional facial features
– Created Pregnancy AddOn via the creation of the Alien Framework Pregnancy AddOn