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Have you find it lame to plant your own food just to find it insufficient to get past the winter?

Did you felt that insane need to strangle all those trade caravans pawns that never brings you what you need?

Or have you just always want to build a carpentry business to sell your lovely furnitures without needing to worry about food and lack of timber?

Then this is the mod for you!

Introducing the Trading Economy mod!
Just as the same of the mod suggest, this mod introduces “real trading” into the world of Rimworld. Graduate from your rimworld life of living like a overdue cavemen, into the industrialised modern world of Capitalism and never needing to know how your food got slaughtered!

This mod introduces 6 different multi-system corporations that had set up their operations on your local planet. Each of them plays a different key role in the rimworld’s economy, offering vital products that sustains all economic activities on the planet.

Walkblem Galactic Corporation (the parent company to all these Walkblem corporation) is a galactic wide conglomerate that is already among the most powerful corporations in the glitterworld.

Assessing that the newly discovered systems of the RimWorlds as perfect untapped market to venture into, Walkblem Galactic Corporation decreed all its subsidiaries to enter into the RimWorlds during the A17 years – to dominate the markets and control the entire economy of these “freezones”.

So they started doing mining, farming and selling stuffs from the glitterworld and from their own factories. Caravaning however, is like an afterthought – so they started off using local mercenaries and muffalos to do the transportation of goods to trade with distant colonies.

But unexpectantly, the colonies started robbing the super rich caravans. In reaction, the Walkblem Corporations sent in their private army – the Walkblem Soldiers to replace the unreliable and “weak” mercenaries. However, while the caravans are well defended, the losses continue to mount… and proliferation of super advanced weaponry is causing huge amount of problems.

After losing trillions of silver from the loss of goods/products, high tech weaponry/equipment as well as paying compensation to the fallen soldiers’ family in the A17 years, so finally, at the beginning of the B18 years, Walkblem Galactic Corporation decreed all the subsidiary companies to start using a military vehicle that was previously banned from being used in the rimworlds, called the Walkblem Heavy Armored Caravan (WHAC). The converted Walkblem Heavy Armored Infantry Carrier Vehicle, is armed with the Walkblem Charge Cannon (its like a big version of the Walkblem Charge Rifle) – to ensure that all the goods will be secure in the evil and unscrupulous world of Rimworlds.

So Walkblem Soldiers are mostly withdrew, leaving a skeleton force on each of the RimWorld Planets, and return to using the “cheap” Mercenaries as the escort force – balancing the cost of bringing and operating such heavy military weaponry to the rimworlds.

The withdrawing of Walkblem Galactic Corporation’s soldiers from escort duty is not enough to avoid the massive political pressure building up in the GlitterWorlds. The corporation was then threaten with sanctions by the GlitterWorlds to only use mercenaries for escort duties and civilians for trading work, in order prevent anymore advanced weaponries falling into the wrong hands. The new limitations did not however prevent Walkblem corporations to continue the deployment of its military protect their RimWorld outposts.

But amidst the bad news, came some positive developments: Walkblem Galactic Corporation introduced a new set of uniforms that matches the technological edge and its galaxy-wide brand recognition. The new Walkblem Helmet features AI-assisted target and combat system, improving the combat capabilities of its soldiers. The new Walkblem Power Armor, now features a stronger armor while losing most of its speed enhancements. Walkblem Gunbladers receives a light version of the Walkblem Power Armor, known as the Walkblem Exo Suit, providing incredible movement speed and agility for the melee soldiers. Walkblem Charged Sniper Rifle and the Walkblem Charged Rifle both had their explosive round’s explosive radius reduced to minimized collateral damages and friendly fires (rumors had it that it was to prevent sanctions for having Over Powered weapons in the Rims)

Today (B18 era), Walkblem Corporations remain as the most powerful corporation operating in the RimWorlds, with no true competition to rival its monopoly of the RimWorld economy.

Walkblem Agricultural Conglomerate
Perhaps the most important and influential corporation in the RimWorld Systems. They dominates all agricultural sectors, including farming, forestry, animal husbandry, etc… Providing colonies and regional military forces vital food, timber and animal supplies. If you need grains, fruits, vegetables, wood, cloths, leather, pets or farm animals – this is the company that you need to look out for!

Pets and Farm Animals Caravan
– 5-50 x 8 species of domesticated animals

Raw Meat Caravan
– 125-1000 x meat from 10-15 species of animals

Grain Caravan
– 1000-7000 x rice

Fruits and Vegetable Caravan
– 500-2000 x corn, potatoes, agave, berries, fungus each

Hops Caravan
– 1000-5000 x hops

Hay Caravan
– 2500-8000 x hay

Textile Caravan
– 100-500 devilstrand
– 500-2000 cloth
– 100-1000 megasloth wool
– 500-100 muffalo wool
– 500-1000 camel wool
– 500-1000 alpaca wool

Wood Lumber Caravan
– 2500-8000 x woodlog

Fur and Leather Caravan
– 250-1000 x leathers from 15-20 species of animals

Psychoid and Smokeleaf Leaves Caravan
– 2000-5000 x smokeleaf
– 2000-5000 x psychoid

Milk and Eggs Caravan
– 500-3000 x milk
– 500-2000 x unfertilized eggs from 5-8 species

Processed Food Caravan
– 500-3000 x chocolate
– 1000-3000 x nutrient paste
– 250-1000 x fine meal
– 250-1000 x lavish meal
– 1000-5000 x kibble
– 1000-5000 x pemmican

Walkblem Mining Corporations
The biggest mining operations in the RimWorlds are without doubt, owned and run by the mighty Walkblem Mining Corporation. Not only to they mine all form of minerals and precious metals, they also operates industrial scale brick making operation, promising the best building materials you can find. If you need bricks of all materials, all type of metals (including uranium) or precious materials like Gold or Jade – this is the company you should call.

Sandstone Blocks Caravan
– 500-5000 x sandstone block

Granite Blocks Caravan
– 500-5000 x granite block

Limestone Blocks Caravan
– 500-5000 x limestone block

Slate Blocks Caravan
– 500-5000 x slate block

Marble Blocks Caravan
– 500-5000 x marble block

Gold Caravan
– 250-2500 x gold

Steel Caravan
– 500-5000 x steel

Plasteel Caravan
– 500-3000 x plasteel

Uranium Caravan
– 250-3000 x uranium

Jade Caravan
– 150-800 x jade

Walkblem Pharmaceuticals
As long as they are people, there are the Big Pharmas. Walkblem Pharmaceuticals is definitely the go to place for all your medical supply needs. Medicine, Drugs or Body Parts – they have them all! (Bionics included!)

Medicines Caravan
– 50-1000 x medicine of 3 types

Drugs Caravan
– 10-1000 x gojuice
– 10-1000 x wakeup
– 10-1000 x yayo
– 10-1000 x flake
– 10-1000 x penoxycline

Bodyparts and Bionics Caravan
– 5-15 x natural body parts of 4 types (mainly organs)
– 5-25 x artificial body parts of 9 types

Walkblem Technologies
They are amongst the giants of the great technological firms in the Glitter Worlds. The company venture into the Rim Worlds as they seek to fill up the market gaps that exists in this new frontier, as the lack of glitter tech products in the region promises great profits and rewards for the company. If you need hard to find or produced products like components, chemfuels, neutroamine, hi-tech fabrics, AI Core, Neurotrainer or simply some nice electronics for your comfort – Walkblem Technologies is the key!

Components Caravan
– 150-800 x component
– 100-300 x advancedcomponent

Chemfuel Caravan
– 1000-5000 x chemfuel

Neutroamine Caravan
– 500-3000 x neutroamine

Hyperweave Caravan
– 1000-2500 x hyperweave

Synthread Caravan
– 2500-5000 x synthread

Electronics Caravan
– 1-5 x tube television
– 1-5 x flatscreen television
– 1-5 x megascreen television
– 1-5 x telescope
– 5-25 x heater

Persona Core Caravan
– 2-5 x AI persona core
– 5-25 x techprof subpersona core

Mechanite Caravan
– 5-25 x mech serum neurotrainer
– 5-25 x mech serum healer
– 5-10 x mech serum resurrector
– 100-1000 x luciferium

Experimental Weapon Caravan
– 10-25 x psychic insanity lance (one-use berserk lance – thru wall)
– 10-25 x psychic shock lance (one-use brain damage)
– 10-25 x psychic animal pulser (one-use all animal on map manhunting rage)
– 2-10 x orbital bombardment targeter
– 2-10 x orbital power beam targeter
– 1-10 x walkblem power armor helmet
– 1-20 x walkblem smokepop belt
– 1-10 x walkblem power armor
– 1-10 x walkblem exo suit
– 1-10 x walkblem gunblade
– 1-3 x walkblem charge sniper rifle
– 1-15 x walkblem charge rifle

Experimental Technology Caravan
– 5-10 x psychic emanator (improve mood of people nearby)
– 2-10 x vanometric power cell (resource-free power)
– 2-10 x infinite chemreactor (self producing chemfuel)
– 10-25 x psychic soothe pulser (one-use temporary mood boost to all on map)

Walkblem Military Industrial Complex
Among the very first of the companies under Walkblem Galactic Holdings to venture into the RimWorlds, this notorious corporation had been supplying arms to both the light and the dark forces without reservations. Lawsuits are still underway for the alleged supplying of arms to pirates and incite wars on multiple planets, WMIC continues to be the primary supplier of high grade military weapons in the region. Modern firearms, or medieval weaponry, advanced armor or base defense turrets – they have them all!

Guns Caravan
– 5-15 x revolver
– 2-10 x autopistol
– 2-10 x incendiary launcher
– 2-10 x pump shotgun
– 2-10 x chain shotgun
– 2-10 x bolt action rifle
– 2-10 x machine pistol
– 2-10 x lmg (light machine gun)
– 2-10 x assault rifle
– 2-10 x charge rifle
– 2-10 x minigun
– 1-5 x triple rocket launcher
– 1-5 x doomsday rocket launcher

Medieval Weapons Caravan
– 5-20 x shiv
– 5-20 x knife
– 5-10 x club
– 5-10 x mace
– 5-10 x gladius
– 5-10 x ikwa
– 5-10 x spear
– 5-10 x longsword
– 5-20 x short bow
– 5-20 x pila
– 5-10 x recurve bow
– 5-10 x great bow

Armor and Grenade Caravan
– 1-20 x frag grenade
– 1-20 x molotov cocktail
– 1-20 x emp grenade
– 5-20 x vest plate
– 1-10 x power armor
– 5-20 x simple helmet
– 10-40 x advanced helmet
– 1-10 x power armor helmet
– 1-10 x shield belt
– 1-10 x smokepop belt

Survival Food Caravan
– 1000-3000 x pemmican
– 500-2500 x survival meal pack

Turret and Shells Caravan
– 50-500 x high explosive shell
– 50-500 x incendiary shell
– 50-500 x emp shell
– 50-500 x firefoam shell
– 10-25 x antigrain warhead shell
– 2-10 x gun turret
– 2-10 x mortar turret

Walkblem Galactic Tradings
The best friend to all colonies and industrial upstarts in the RimWorlds, these are the guys that help to bring your products to the mass markets of the Glitter Worlds. Extremely resourceful at find buyers for all kind of products, they are willing to buy anything you are able to offer them, in exchange for the vital silver coins that everyone needs to be part of the great trading economy. If you intend to mass produce products, and you are looking for a buyer with the deep pockets to buy them all – there can be no one else than Walkblem Galactic Tradings.

Galactic Trading Buyers Caravan
– 10000-50000 x silver
– buys anything from you


NON-STEAM DOWNLOAD: http://walkingproblem.com/sdm_downloads/trading-economy-ver2-4/
STEAM DOWNLOAD: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1130945311
FORUM LINK: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=35551.0

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Finally, Walkblem Soldiers will get their very own Helmet and Armor design/textures. Gunbladers will also get their own Exo Suit. Walkblem Weapons tweak to have smaller explosion radius, making it less OP as it used to be. The WHAC also got a new paint job that would go better with the new Walkblem uniforms. Walkblem Corporation representatives will no longer be represented by soldiers, making Walkblem Soldiers a really rare sight (and thus reducing the chance of Walkblem Weaponries being dropped from ambushes).

This is a massive update (in my opinion) for the Trading Economy mod. Not just that the goods and products are more complete than ever before, even items cannot be sold are now for sale too. Not just that, the entire caravan security issue is resolved with the introduction of the Walkblem Heavy Armored Caravan. The new caravan is not just hard to kill, it is armed with a powerful charge cannon that will provide powerful fire support to the mercenaries (yes, Walkblem Galactic Corporation do not want to risk their soldier’s lives) that are escorting the caravan, and escapes really efficiently, minimizing loss of goods and products to the minimum.

I was informed that there are some problem with the mod where they are unable to call for trade caravans due to the “faction leader unavailable”.
Finally, after some digging, the problem is finally resolved.

This is a Walkblem gears balancing update, as the previous update was a quick patch to solve immediate issues while balancing was put aside. After extensive testing and balancing, the Walkblem weapons and gears are now more balanced and with the correct pricing reflected. Weapons are still powerful, but not invincible. Resolved some bugs like gears cannot be moved to storage as well as the lack of food by the soldiers. Trade caravans are now well defended but no longer as invincible/OP – although there is also no longer any needs to do that after severely nerfing the amount of wealth brought by the caravans. The Walkblem gears and weapons are now available for sale, only at Walkblem Military Industrial Complex bases/colonies – but they are very expensive – and rightly so, as they are the most state of the art weaponry in the galaxy. This update also marks the return of the explosive rounds for the Walkblem Charge Rifle, the 1.2 version of the rifle just doesnt feel right – now the Walkblem rifle is powerful but not overpowered – it only does small damages with every round, but every round causes serious bleeding injuries to its victims – giving it a form of balance. Walkblem Power Armor now works more as a Powered Suit, giving dodging and carry buffs for the users. Walkblem smokepop now covers a bigger area, to provide cover for the entire squad, complimenting the Walkblem military’s warfare tactics. Hope this update makes the game more fun for you!

A quick patch to the 1.1, as serious vunerabilities was reported by players regarding how wild animals can easily cause huge friendly fire problems. As a result, trade caravans are now protected by GunBladers and Snipers. Walkblem Charge Sniper Rifle and Walkblem Charge Rifle are nerfed as well. Charge Rifles no longer have explosive rounds, Sniper Rifles explosion is reduced. All Walkblem weapons will also self-destruct on drop, to prevent OP weapons falling into players hands. Unintended error of the Walkblem Rifles being able to be crafted is also amended to be not craftable. I have also nerfed the amount of goods brought in by the caravans, as well as drastically reducing further the amount of money brought by the Galactic Tradings Corporation. The caravans will now no longer be worth raiding. If you have more products to sell/buy, then you should send your own caravans.

Replaced Trade Caravan escorts from Mercenaries to Walkblem Soldiers. This update is to prevent players from raiding Walkblem Corp’s caravans too easily. Goodwill of all 6 factions had also been reduced by half, to prevent an exploit discovered during testing. This change in goodwill however will not affect saved games that had already ran Trading Economy 1.0.



– New Walkblem Power Armor Helmet, Walkblem Power Armor and Walkblem Exo Suit (with all new textures)
– Reduced explosion radius of Walklem Charged Cannon, Walkblem Charged Rifle and Walkblem Charged Sniper Rifle
– Increase damage of Walkblem Gunblade
– Removed Walkblem Executive/Sniper as Trader from Caravans, replaced with Civilian
– Reduced military presence in Military Corporation Faction
– Added small chance of Walkblem military appearing as Visitors/Raiders in all Corporation factions
– Color change for Walkblem Heavy Armored Caravan (WHAC) from brown to grey

– Added ability for Trading Faction to buy Weird Organics and Art

– Fixed the Walkblem Heavy Armored Caravan overheating rooms issue.
– Disabled the errors generated by the biome patching, thanks to Swenzi.

– Added support to Archipelago biome from [RF] Archipelagos mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1194812703
– Added support to biomes from Nature’s Pretty Sweet: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1211694919
– Removed Fashion & Clothing Caravan from Trading Faction due to excess number of WHAC being spawned
– Note: If you do not have the 2 biome mods about, the mod will generate errors when you start the game, but its does not affect the game. So you can just ignore the errors.

– Added Walkblem Armored Caravan
– Added Walkblem Charge Cannon Weapon for the Caravan
– Added a number of new caravans for various corporation factions
– Made items that cannot be sold, to be sold by the Technology Corporation as experimental products
– Mercenaries returns to replace Walkblem Soldiers as the escorts for the caravan
– Walkblem Armored Caravan also participates in raids if any of the corporation factions turns hostile
– Complete caravan listings, as well as its goods/products list is now available on walkingproblem.com website

– Added Walkblem Executive
– Resolved faction leader unavailable bug

– Added unique textures for all 3 Walkblem weapons
– Explosive round returns to Walkblem Charge Rifle, but damage significantly reduced, accuracy is also reduced at long range.
– Walkblem Sniper Rifle damage increased, but ranged is greatly reduced
– Walkblem Power Armor is now Walkblem Powered Armor Suit, added improved dodging, improve melee accuracy and increase carrying capacity
– Walkblem Smokepop Belt now covers a bigger radius to cover entire squad
– Walkblem Power Armor Helmet is slightly nerfed.
– All Walkblem gears prices are adjusted according to its usefulness
– All Walkblem gears are for sale at Walkblem Military Industrial Complex centers.
– All Walkblem weapons will no longer disappear on drop
– Walkblem gears cannot be haul to storage bug resolved
– Backstories added for all Walkblem Gears
– Gave food to Walkblem Soldiers (previously missing)
– Walkblem Soldier is now assigned as the trader
– Now Walkblem military forces, despite still stronger than most factions, is now more beatable.

– Added Walkblem Gunbladers
– Walkblem’s caravans are now protected by Walkblem Gunbladers and Walkblem Snipers
– Walkblem Soldier will only appear in Walkblem raids
– Walkblem weapons will all self destruct on drop
– Walkblem Charge Rifle will no longer have explosive rounds
– Walkblem Sniper Rifle’s explosive round is now smaller in explosive radius
– All caravans now carries significantly lesser wealth.
– Walkblem weapons and apparels should not be craftable or purchase-able.

– Added Walkblem Soldiers
– Added Walkblem Charge Rifle (not for sale)
– Added Walkblem Charge Sniper Rifle (not for sale)
– Replaced escorts of Walkblem Corps’ caravan with Walkblem Soldiers
– Reduced starting Goodwill of Walkblem Corps factions to 0~50
– Reduced amount of silvers brought by Walkblem Galactic Trading Corporations

Future Developments:
– To provide add-ons for resources, items and weapons from other popular mods