StarshipTroopers Arachnid Ver2.2 now available!

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Nuff Said.

Another fan-service mod based on yet another cult-favorite movie/novel: Starship Troopers! Now updated to A17!

This mod, introduce the main antagonist: the Arachnid, or affectionately known as “Bugs” by the soldiers in the film, into the RimWorld. Now you can build an outpost on this forsaken planet and fight off these vile creatures, just like in the movies!

As the United Citizen Federation expanded its territory across the Galaxy, it came into contact with the Arachnid Species covering an area of it. The Federation initially considered the Arachnids to be a less advanced civilization. However, to avoid conflict, the region of space the Arachnids had colonized was Quarantined to prevent any humans settling within it. Despite this unofficial colonies were created, on Arachnid planets often ending in the Arachnid attacks of these poorly defended colonies leading to massacres.

After 5 consecutive Bug Wars against the Arachnids, the United Citizen Federation remains unable to prevent Arachnids’ spread in some parts of the known galaxy. While they were wiped out within the Glitterworlds’ systems, the “Bugs” had since expanded their territory into the Rim Worlds, where military operations against them is limited. However this became a huge threat to the new colonies that are currently being built on the Rim Worlds. They may only have just arrived in the Rim Worlds, but they will never stop until they conquer every single planet in the Rim Worlds.

– Warrior Bugs
– Tanker Bugs
– Hopper Bugs
– Plasma Bugs
– 4 different arachnid invasions types
— Ground Invasion by Warrior Bugs (after 2 seasons)
— Encirclement by Warrior Bugs (after 3 seasons)
— Commando Raid by Hopper Bugs (after 4 seasons)
— Combined-Arms Heavy Assault by Warriors, Hoppers and Tanker Bugs (after 4 seasons)
— Plasma Bug Bombardment (after 4 seasons)
— Giant Bugs combo attack by Plasma and Tanker Bugs (after 4 seasons)
– Specially coded behaviors for the Bugs (actively hunting all non-insect factions)
– Specially coded abilities for Plasma Bugs and Tanker Bugs to switch between ranged and melee attacks



Simple SideArms – to ensure the mod do not cause TankerBugs and Plasma Bugs to stop using / dropped their range weapon totally upon getting hit/melee – please go to Mod Settings, and choose LoadOutOnly preset.



– Added Mod Update Note to inform Steam users about Mod being updated.
– Redid spawning codes so that Warriors bugs no longer spawn and move in the same cell
– Hopper Bugs attacks will now be dropped across the colony instead of into just one cell
– Added Arachnid Encirclement incident: warrior bugs to encircle and surround the colony on spawn
– Added Arachnid Giant Bugs incident: tanker-plasma bug combination attack
– Adjustment to Bugs invasion incident’s likelihood
– Bug invasions will only happen after 2 seasons.
– More serious invasions will only happen after a year.


– Added Plasma Bugs
– Added codes to forbid Hoppers dropping into mountain room/caves
– Added texture for Plasma Bug’s plasma burst and Tanker Bug’s fire burst
– Added Plasma Bugs Bombardment incident
– Reduced likelihood and frequency of Bugs invasion incidents.


– Updated to A17
– Total revamp of how aggression is generated
– Brand new behaviors for Arachnids
– Arachnids will actively hunt down all non-insect faction pawns
– Tanker Bugs now have powerful ranged flamed based weapon
– Special custom coded behavior for Tanker Bugs to switch between ranged and melee attacks
– Added Hopper Bugs
– New/Revamped incident: Heavy Assault (All 3 species of bugs combining to devastating effect)
– New incident: Aerial Assault (Hopper Bugs will invade from above)
– Balancing to numbers of bugs spawned