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Latest progress update on the Dothrakis:

The Dothraki will run on the same “rank concept” as the Unsullieds. They will have 3 ranks: Dothrak (Rider), Ko (Leader/Lieutenant) and Khal (King).

The 3 ranks will be distinguished by their hair length and how much clothing is on them. The higher the rank, the less “cover” there is on their upper torso. Hair length is a display of their prowess and power in Dothraki society, losers will have their hair cut off, thus only the longest hair of the Dothraks can become Khal.

I also made the effort to have more variety in them of their individual looks and clothing (as well as horse color) – this is to recreate the effect in the Game of Thrones series, in which the Dothraki do not have “standard uniforms”.