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I am proud to announce the release of Minions Version 2.0 for RimWorld! Yay~!

The Minions will be a lot more useful to the colony from now on: On top of the hauling ability, they can clean/sweep the floor (require Obedience), and can help out with some of the simple chores like chopping trees, harvesting plants and even mining! (The latter 3 require to be trained for Hauling).

The Minions will also no longer appear in the map like wild animals (since they aren’t wild animals!!!), they will appear as tribes wandering across the world looking for a new master. So to get the Minions, you can either start the game with them, or you can tame them when they do appear on the map when they travel across your land.

Beware of manhunting Minions, whom had went mad after the death of Gru…. and greater danger that lurks in purple….

Download Link:

Installation Note:
– From my own testing, you can disable Ver 1.1 and enable this Ver 2.0 and continue playing your save games with no problems at all.
– If you enable developer mod, there may be some persistent alerts, just turn it off and continue playing; it doesnt affect the game at all.

– Purely event driven now. You will only encounter Minions during specific events and if you started the game with them.
– No longer clashes with Increased Forest Density mods (since Minions no longer appear as wild animals)
– Trained Minions will now help out in cleaning (req. obedience), mining (req. hauling), harvesting (req. hauling) and chopping tasks (req. hauling)
– Added Minions Passing Event
– Added Minions Manhunting Event
– Added **** ******* Manhunting Event (good luck if they appear, they will give even the best defended colonies a run for their money)


Creator’s note:

I am so happy and glad to be able to release this mod with all these updates. I went from zero knowledge in C# and C# modding for RimWorld, to creating multiple unique functions that catered specifically for this Minions Mod. If I am able to learn more about how certain things are being coded in the game, I may even make the Minions even more multifunctional in the next release.

In the next release (no release date yet, as its still dependent on how much free time I can spare), I will try to make the Minions caravan-ready.

As for more variety in the skins (like added the tall minion , fat minion and the one eye minion), currently there is no ready way of making that happen. I will make that happen if by any chance someone created a way to make that happen.

As for those that is so supportive to read to the end, I would like to let you know that the Evil Minion (Purple Minion) is very very very hard to kill. Good luck!

~Mingji Lim aka leonlim007