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Hi all, this is a quick update to resolve some of the pressing issues with RimSlaves…
namely: balancing, temperature and work slaves problem.

I have adjusted the “nuzzlings” for the various slaves to make them less often, in order not to make the nuzzling overpowered, especially for Sallys. I also adjusted the costings for the slaves accordingly.

I also raised the temperature range so that the slaves stop dying instantly in the artic biomes.

And finally, removing caravan abilities from the Work Slaves. People are unable to buy the work slaves from caravans because they are “pack animals” or “caravan animals”. So we have to make a choice between either feature – so I have to choose the most important one to remain in the mod.

DOWNLOAD HERE: http://walkingproblem.com/sdm_downloads/rimslaves-ver1-1/

– improved balancing in nuzzling (lesser) and costing (more expensive for sallys)
– increase temperature range for the slaves
– created slave-specific job codings apart from the minions mod to remove error
– removing caravan ability from work slave
– weaker health for work slave


Have you watched Games of Thrones?

Have you wish that you are Daenerys Targaryen leading an army of slaves, maidens and Unsullieds?

NOW YOU CAN! Brought to your by the infamous Walking Problem Studios that had brought you the abominations of Minions and Smurfs Mods – we bring you the Games of Thrones slavery into your RimWorld.


BACKSTORY (Walkblem Slavers Holdings):

Walkblem Slavers are corporations under the massive Walkblem Slavers Holdings that had found success in the Rim Worlds, despite being outlawed in the Glitter Worlds and Civilised Planetary Systems. Walkblem Slavers primarily sells both their proprietary slaves as well as the common free slaves that are already common place in the Rim Worlds. They have no interests in politics and are willing to accept almost all form of goods in the purchase of their slaves.

Walkblem Slaves can be purchase from your resident Walkblem Corporation on your planet, as well as from our franchised orbital trade ships that wanders around the RimWorlds.



The Unsullied are elite warrior-eunuchs bred and trained by corporations under the Walkblem Slavers Holdings. These slave-eunuchs, who have been trained from birth to fight, are renowned for their utter discipline on the battlefield and loyalty to their assigned master. They do not act independently, will protect their master faithfully and will fight to the death upon being ordered to.



Highly sought after slaves, euphemistically and affectionately named as Sallys by Walkblem Slavers Holdings, are priced for their ability to make any colonist happy with their unique skills. They are known to be indispensable in the psychological management of the colonies they are employed in, given how harsh life is in the RimWorlds. Often describe as “They have only one job”, the famous marketing line used to sell Sallys is by the legendary Petyr Baelish, “All desires are valid to a man with a full purse.”



Slavery is generally outlawed (and phased out due to glitter technologies) in most of Glitterworld Planets and the civilised planetary systems. However, slavery is still widespread in the Rim Worlds. Walkblem Slavers Holdings’ Work Slaves are the worst kept secret in the slavery market. Renowned for their absolute obedience and loyalty, they are considered a “safer” alternatives to “free slaves” that are already commonly sold in the Rim Worlds.



Maidens serves as handmaidens and maids to the colonists who are willing to buy them. Their job mainly is to help out with the management of the house and its cleanliness. It is also heard that they give good massages to their masters.




  • 4 types of slaves to choose from (according to your needs)
  • There are 3 ranks of Unsullied – Infantry, Officer and Commanders.
  • Higher ranking Unsullied can fight longer and move faster than their subordinates (thus reflected in their cost)
  • Slaves can only be purchased via the resident Walkblem Slavers corporation(s) on the planet, or via orbital tradeships.
  • You can also send a caravan to the nearest Walkblem Slavers slave camp to purchase your slaves.
  • Sallys will make your colony, the happiest people on the planet (unless you hate women or you are too righteous)
  • Maidens and Work Slaves takes care of different work.
  • All slaves comes ready for work. Training is only required for Obedience (for assigning a master for them) and Release (if you want them as foot soldiers)


  • May release a weapons, armor and apparel mods so that your colonists can dress just like the slaves
  • May add more work that the work slaves and the maidens can do (RimSlaves is powered by Minions Mod’s engine; if developed, will be released for both)
  • May work on more Games of Thrones related mod, if there is a demand (and if I’m able to do it) – perhaps a pet Dragon?




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