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RimSlaves Ver4.0

Version 4.0 Developer Note:
Finally, RimSlaves is updated to B18. It is the last mod among all my mods to get updated. So what is new in this update? Dothraki! Dothraki previously when killed, will spawn a dead horse and a untrained dismounted Dothraki. This is now updated, with the dead horse now reflecting the injuries it gotten when it is still a Mounted Dothraki, and the Dismounted Dothraki will retain its training and his master. Which means that the Dothrak will be able to continue fighting after respawn as a dismounted dothrak after being killed the first time. Unfortunately, together with the Minions mod, the Work Slaves’ carry resources to construction frames/sites is now disabled, as the B18 update caused some changes which is not easy to fix. So I leaving this out, while taking the time to fix. There is also a small amendment to Unsullied’s salute rates after complains of it saluting to colonists way too often. Have fun!

– dead dothrak horse now reflects injury gotten as a Mounted Dothrak
– Dismounted Dothrak now inherits training and master from his previous life
– Work Slaves’ carry resource to construction site work is disabled due to B18 changes
– Unsullied will now salute only twice a day, from the original every 2 hours.