Trading Economy Ver2.0

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Trading Economy Ver2.0

This is a massive update (in my opinion) for the Trading Economy mod. Not just that the goods and products are more complete than ever before, even items cannot be sold are now for sale too. Not just that, the entire caravan security issue is resolved with the introduction of the Walkblem Heavy Armored Caravan. The new caravan is not just hard to kill, it is armed with a powerful charge cannon that will provide powerful fire support to the mercenaries (yes, Walkblem Galactic Corporation do not want to risk their soldier’s lives) that are escorting the caravan, and escapes really efficiently, minimizing loss of goods and products to the minimum.

– Added Walkblem Armored Caravan
– Added Walkblem Charge Cannon Weapon for the Caravan
– Added a number of new caravans for various corporation factions
– Made items that cannot be sold, to be sold by the Technology Corporation as experimental products
– Mercenaries returns to replace Walkblem Soldiers as the escorts for the caravan
– Walkblem Armored Caravan also participates in raids if any of the corporation factions turns hostile
– Complete caravan listings, as well as its goods/products list is now available on website