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Buy some postcards to show your appreciation and support to Walking Problem for what he had done thus far, and help to make one of the future projects come true!

Postcards Selection:

Starship Troopers ArachnidsRimworld Of The ApesGame of Thrones: RimSlavesMinionsSmurfeRimPokéRim: Poké BallTrading Economy

How you want your postcards?
Send the postcards directly from Singapore with handwritten 'Thank You' note with handwritten address with a real postage stamp from Singapore - $10 eachKeep postcards blank, mail over in an envelope - 5 postcards for $30

Which project would you want to back with this postcards purchase?
You can choose more than one, the "backing" will be spread out evenly - and of course the more you buy, the bigger your backing. Every dollar spent will be converted 1 "backing point" that will be added to the "backing progress status" for each respective projects on the sidebar.

Any mods that hit its target will be given absolute priority to be worked on full time.

Projects that you can back:
RimSlaves Weapons and ApparelsRimSlaves Dothraki Hair PackStarship Troopers Arachnids ExpansionStarship Troopers Federation ModPlayable Minions Colonist ModPokemon ModGame Of Thrones White Walker ModRick & Morty: Council of Ricks ModRick & Morty: Galactic Federation ModDinoRim: Dinosaur ModAliens Vs Predator: Xenomorph ModAliens Vs Predator: Predator Mod

Payment: A Paypal Invoice will be sent to your email address you provided above (which will be manually created and sent over by me, yours truly... do be patience for me to send over) - because a poor man do not have enough resources to create a complete ecommerce system just for this purpose (which would be so overkill... yeah....)

And also, your project backings points will be added manually (again, by me) after payment is received. Thank you in advanced!