Development Update 25/2/2017

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Just a quick update for DinoRim’s development.


We are currently working on a master stats sheet for all the dinosaurs that will be included in the mod.

The reason for doing this step is to make sure that we can have a overall picture of all the dinosaurs, as well as to ensure balance within the game. Comparing dinosaurs stats side by side can easily see if the predators as powerful enough to hunt their prey as well as ensure the ecosystem we eventually create would look realistic. Currently the Master Stats is only around 33%-40% done. There are still some stats to complete for the individual species, as well as to create the Attacks that the dinosaurs may use.

Development was stalled recently as I am was busy with my professional work (the one that actually feeds me), as well as my work on the Minions Mod. So far the Minions Mod had been received pretty well, and further development on the Minions Mod is currently planned. However, a lot of the features requires C# coding (dll / assembly development) – something which I am not able to do at the current moment; so I will be trying to learn C# and see if I am able to make magic happen.

Learning to code is important for DinoRim too, because there may be some features (and some hidden features) which would require it. I am also exploring the possibility to coding another mini-mod which makes wild animal behaviors more realistic: preys actually avoid predators, and run away from predators when the predators is on the hunt. This is an essential part of making the dinosaur mod work as I wanted it to work. Another part of this mini-mod is to enable wild animals to mate. Currently they dun mate, so its making the entire wild animal ecosystem looking flat. So that needs to be changed.

Dream Feature List (I hope I can make it happen though; first announced in Ludeon Forum: )

– removing minions spawning in biome (this is because it clashes with the Denser Forest Mod or any mod that made changes to the biome defs, and also because its making minions too common; in the future, you need to set minions as starting animals to have them in the colony)

– limiting minions appearance only in manhunters event <– which mean, you need to first prove that you are a badass villain/boss by defeating them, and then recruit them after knocking them out; although I will try to find a way to make minion manhunter event more common

– adding the Purple Minion (officially known as “Evil Minions”) which are faster and more powerful, also only in manhunters event. But these version of minions will be quite alot harder to tame (perhaps almost like a wolf-level of difficult)

– Giant Minion <— as I have no idea how to create a thrumbo-type event, as it needs C# coding, I will make it a manhunter event, but rare and hopefully only 1 will appear.

– For the one type of job per minion <– thats exactly what I wish to do, once I find a way / learn how to code it. Every “job specialist” minion will have their own outfit for the job, like the minions in the movie.

– Little backpacks as caravan animals, I will go find out how to make it happen. (Idea contributed by SpaceDorf in the Ludeon Forum)

– and also, if I am able to, I do want to make more “variant” of minions, some would be tall, some short, some have one eyes.. etc…