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DinoRim was first announced at RimWorld Community facebook group (

I had been thinking of creating a mod for RimWorld that adds Dinosaurs into the game.  I am personally a designer by trade, and was games design trained (Dip. in Digital Media Design (Games Design) from Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore).

Currently, the entire mod will be produced entirely by me, one person. There is currently no plans to add any members to the development team until I felt that there is a need for it.

As far as I understood, there used to be an attempt to by someone else to produce a dinosaur add-on mod for RimWorld, called Jurassic Rim. However, the mod seemed to be dead after just the release of a Triceratops.

For DinoRim, it will be a lot more ambitious, and it will be completed. Its a promise. Just a matter of how long it will take~

I am currently finding out how to get a page up in the Steam’s Workshop for this mod, creating a mod page at Nexus Mod as well as a thread on Ludeon Forums for RimWorld.

DinoRim Tentative Schedule:

  1. Rough Artwork for Dinos shortlisted for Release 1
  2. Coding/Def Editing
  3. Internal Testing
  4. Release 1 to be released for public beta
  5. Rough Artwork for Dinos shortlisted for Release 2
  6. Coding/Def Editing
  7. Internal Testing
  8. Release 2 to be released for public beta
  9. Rough Artwork for Dinos shortlisted for Release 3
  10. Coding/Def Editing
  11. Internal Testing
  12. Release 3 to be released for public beta
  13. Final Artwork Revamp
  14. Final Release


Tentative List of Dinosaurs to be included:

– Herrerasaurus
– Coelophysis
– Staurikosaurus
– Masiakasaurus
– Limusaurus
– Compsognathus
– Velociraptor
– Hypsilophodon
– Oviraptor

ORNITHOMIMOSAURIA (ostrich-like omnivores)
– Deinocheirus
– Gallimimus
– Ornithomimus
– Struthiomimus

THEROPODA (tiger-size equivalent)
– Liliensternus
– Elaphrosaurus
– Deinonychus

THEROPODA (slightly more powerful than tigers)
– Dilophosaurus
– Sinosaurus
– Cryolophosaurus

THEROPODA (big predators)
– Ceratosaurus
– Carnotaurus
– Megalosaurus
– Torvosaurus
– Allosaurus
– Spinosaurus
– Albertosaurus
– Tyrannosaurus Rex

ORNITHOPODA (big plant eaters)
– Tenontosaurus
– Iguanodon
– Parasaurolophus
– Hypacrosaurus
– Corythosaurus
– Pachycephalosaurus

– Lystrosaurus
– Kannemeyeriiformes

– Cheirotherium / Ticinosuchus
– Saurosuchus
– Postosuchus

– Edaphosaurus
– Dimetrodon

– Plateosaurus

– Brachiosaurus
– Apatosaurus
– Diplodocus
– Camarasaurus
– Amargasaurus

THYREOPHORA (armored dino)
– Stegosaurus
– Kentrosaurus
– Ankylosaurus

– Triceratops
– Styracosaurus
– Centrosaurus
– Pachyrhinosaurus
– Protoceratops
– Psittacosaurus