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Minions are small, yellow creatures who have existed since the beginning of time, evolving from single-celled organisms into beings who exist only to serve history’s most despicable masters. They are extremely loyal and dependable servants to whoever wants to be their master.

They had finally appeared from their hideout in the RimWorld, to look for their next great villain to serve!


I just made a mini mod in 4-5 hours: added Minions as animals you can tame and build an Minion army.

These Minions:
– grow up from baby to adult in a year
– breeds quickly
– dun catch fire
– require little to be fed
– can punch quickly albeit not powerful
– tame and trained like animals
– they live in herds of 3 – 8
– they are very out of place with their bright yellow. LOL
– authentic minion sound
– do not produce a lot of meat (thus wont become overpowered)
– watch out for the manhunting event by the Minions…. LOL
– Bright Yellow Leather!
– They may not appear all the time; so if they appear, dun waste the opportunity – recruit them!

The idea is that, you can quickly raise a very loyal and dedicated army to fight for you – they will die for your cause as long as you are willing to be their boss and evil overlord.